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What is an Upgrade Maintenance Plan?

The Maintenance Plan gives you access to the following benefits:

  • Automatic upgrades to the most up-to-date versions of the software, including major releases and patches.
  • Early access to Beta versions and the opportunity to test and suggest new features before they are included in the final release.
  • Premium technical support and prioritized incident management, including first response to your issues within 1 business day, and usually much faster than that.
  • Special subscriber-only promotions and discounts.

By default, all licenses include a one-year maintenance, but you can choose an extended plan at the time of purchase.

What Makes Forest Coffee Cold Brew Different From The Competition?
forest coffee cold brew uses coffee beans sourced from a very unique micro-lot producer in northern thailand. coffee grown on this farm, when roasted properly, expresses beautiful nuances of cocoa and dark berry. combined with our tried and true brewing technique, we deliver our customers the finest beverage specialty coffee has to offer.
How do I do I remove buildings?
To remove most buildings, you can use the Hole Cutter. However, some buildings will have holes cut in them by using this. To destroy these buildings, attack them repeatedly until they are destroyed. Ensure you have 'Building Destruction' turn on while you are doing this otherwise they won't be able to be destroyed. This can be found in the menu during the game under gameplay.
How Do I Breed Rabbits?
Rabbits have a 10% chance to breed each time the player sleep when there are 2 to 4 rabbits in a cage. For more info, check the Rabbit page.
TIP: If you really want the rabbits to breed, save before sleeping and keep reloading until those rabbits breed.

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